What Happens When You Stop Taking Phentermine?

Multiple brands and generic versions of popular drug phentermine are available as a prescription drug in the market. Phentermine is widely used along with diet and exercise to stimulate weight loss. It is generally prescribed to patients who have diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity were cutting down food can yield positive results. Phentermine works by curbing hunger and speeding up metabolism. 

The use of phentermine is widely exploited and can often result in psychological dependence. 

Side Effects of Discontinuing Phentermine


Phentermine induces sudden upsurge of energy and alertness on intake. However, withdrawal is often associated with drowsiness, fatigue, and weakness. Fatigue resulting after long term use of the drug is much more severe than short term use.

Weight Gain

People tend to consume a higher amount of calories after continuing the use of appetite suppressant, phentermine. This, in turn, leads to weight gain. The extent of weight gain depends upon the diet and lifestyle of the person.

Depressed Mood

Phentermine disturbs the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. These two neurotransmitters regulate mood. After discontinuation of phentermine, there are long-lasting episodes of mood swings.

These were some of the see effects associated with discontinuation of the use of phentermine. Hence, this drug must be used carefully and as per prescription only.

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